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    29 Nov 2018
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    View of the Discovery

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    Slessor threw herself into everything with enthusiasm and humour, whether cementing floors or vaccinating communities against smallpox. She never forced her religion on others and saw African beliefs as co-existing peacefully beside her own Christianity.

    Ultimately it was her compelling personality that enabled her to bring about change and won her many friends in the country she came to call home. Years after her death a minister gave a presentation on her life at the Mary Slessor hospital in Itu. It was illustrated by lantern slides. After the talk an elderly man asked if he could have the sheet that Mary's image had been projected on, saying 'She was my friend and I like that face too well.'

    You can see the RRS Discovery. The Discovery was built in 1901 to carry out research in Antarctica. It is one of the few surviving examples of an expedition ship from the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Her Captain was Robert Falcon Scott, best known for his ill-fated attempt to reach the South Pole. It was on the Discovery he made his first trip to Antartica.

    Walk towards the ship.