Made in Dundee

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    29 Nov 2018
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    V & A Museum

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    You are walking past the V&A museum. This is Scotland's first design museum and one of Dundee's regeneration projects. It is free to visit and I'd definitely recommend that you do so. For now though, keep going straight ahead.

    Slessor had personal experience of how damaging superstition could be. Her best friend Ma Eme had barely escaped. After her husband died, all his wives were suspected of being responsible. Each of them had to bring a white bird with them to the trial. The direction it ran after it was beheaded determined her guilt or innocence. If it had run the wrong way she would have been buried alive.

    Twins were thought to be the product of a demon and were often killed during the first few days of their lives. Slessor saved hundreds of twin babies and provided sanctuary for their mothers who were often cast out from their communities. She also adopted nine children.