Made in Dundee

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    29 Nov 2018
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    University of Dundee

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    Continue up the street in the same direction as before.

    Some say Churchill would have continued as Dundee's MP indefinitely if it hadn't been for acute appendicitis. He had an operation to remove his appendix and this delayed his journey to Dundee to campaign in the 1922 election.

    While campaigning on his behalf, his wife Clementine was spat on by some Dundee women for wearing pearls. He was unable to forgive Dundee for this insult – or perhaps for not re-electing him. He left the city 'without an office, without a seat, without a party and without an appendix'. The Dundonians retorted that he was a WC without a seat. Churchill swore that the grass would grow on his grave before he set foot in Dundee again. He was true to his word, even refusing the Freedom of the City which was offered him in 1943. To add insult to injury, he later accepted the Freedom of the City from Perth, Dundee's neighbour.

    We are now in Dundee's University area. Dundee is a relatively young university. It was founded in 1881, when it was set up as University College Dundee. The money for the university was once again donated by a local philanthropist, in this case Mary Ann Baxter, a member of the prominent Baxter family, most often associated with linen manufacturing.