Made in Dundee

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    29 Nov 2018
    Clock 60min      Length2mi
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    Straight ahead to City Square

    Pay wave

    Keep walking towards the hall. You will see Desperate Dan again on your left-hand side. Walk across the street, until you are in the middle of the square.

    Caird was said to be a good employer – in 1916 The Dundee Advertiser said that he 'aimed at making his establishment not only efficient from a working point of view, but also a model of comfort for the workers'. But there is no getting away from the fact that the levels of poverty and deprivation in Dundee were staggering. From the early 20th century the jute industry began to decline in Dundee. This was a problem for the workers who were employed in the mills - but not a problem for the mill owners. The reason the industry was declining was because it was cheaper to purchase jute processed where the plant was grown – in East Bengal. These Bengal mills had in many cases been funded by the Dundee jute barons.