Made in Dundee

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    29 Nov 2018
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    Queen's Hotel

    Pay wave

    You are approaching a pedestrian crossing. Don't cross over just yet. On the side of the street you are on you should see the Queens Hotel. If it is open, go through the front doors. If it is not, stop outside.

    This was the hotel where Churchill based himself whenever he visited Dundee. He spent little time in the city but would regularly spend the equivalent of £1,000 on food and drink when he made three day visits.

    If you are inside, look at the wall on the left.

    In front of you, you will see a copy of a letter that Churchill sent to his wife Clementine while staying here. He describes the worst breakfast he ever had, which was enjoyed here at the Queen's Hotel.

    The letter details how he had half eaten his breakfast kipper 'when a huge maggot crept out and flashed his teeth at me'. Incredibly, after this incident, Churchill kept on staying at the hotel whenever he visited Dundee.

    When you are ready head back outside.

    Take the crossing to get to the other side of the street.

    When you've crossed, walk left up the street.