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    29 Nov 2018
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    Lemmings Statues

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    In front of you, you will see some unusual characters climbing on the pillars. Stop to have a look at them.

    These statues are of Lemmings, the stars of DMA Design's 1991 video game Lemmings. In the 90s, DMA Design had their headquarters in the pink building that we passed earlier, the one with the Wee Mexico restaurant on the ground floor. Their previous games had sold in the tens of thousands. Lemmings was a massive success, selling more than 15 million copies, an astonishing success for any video game company, particularly such a small one.

    DMA went on to create Grand Theft Auto, one of the most successful video games of all time. Altogether the series has sold more than 150 million copies.

    Once you have admired the Lemmings, walk between the pillars, towards the Tay.