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    29 Nov 2018
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    Discovery Walk

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    Walk along the pathway ahead, with the small gardens on the left and the grass on the right.

    We are back to Slessor gardens. But Mary Slessor is not the only former Dundonian celebrated in these gardens. Keep your eyes peeled on the ground in front of you. When you have found the plaques in the ground, stop.

    These are part of the Discovery Walk. The aim of the Discovery Walk was to promote the achievements of those who have lived and worked in Dundee. Among them you will find scientists, artists and social reformers. Each plaque has been designed by local artist Suzanne Scott and is unique – every detail makes some reference to an aspect of that person's life or character.

    My favourite is probably the plaque to Sir James Alfred Ewing. See if you can find it. Ewing was a physicist and engineer. He did research into the magnetic properties of metals and helped to improve living conditions in Dundee. While working in Japan he helped to develop the first modern seismograph to measure earthquakes. During World War One he was put in charge of the code-breaking Room 40. Their biggest achievement was the decoding of the Zimmerman Telegraph which led to the US entering the war.

    But that is not why I like his plaque. Hidden in the plaque is a drawing of a little pig. Can you find it? Ewing kept a notebook in his home. Guests would be asked to draw a pig with their eyes shut and then sign their names. Among the visitors who underwent this ritual were Winston Churchill, inventor Charles Parsons and noble prize winner William Bragg. Have you found the pig? It is in the bottom right-hand corner of the plaque.

    Before we move on, take a look at the plaque to Walter Spear and Peter Le Comber.

    Later on in the tour you will see the real version of one of the items on their plaque – but I won't tell you which one yet.

    Continue in the same direction up Slessor Gardens as before. The Caird Hall should be in front of you once again.