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    29 Nov 2018
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    Caird Hall Foundation Stones

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    On the corner you can see the foundation stones that Queen Mary and King George laid.

    Once you've had a good look, follow the pavement round, keeping the Caird Hall on your left.

    It may seem ridiculous that Caird had so much money that he could afford to give away emeralds. Particularly when you consider that at this time Dundee was beset by real social problems.

    One particular problem that dogged Dundee was alcoholism. In 1908 Dundee had 389 public houses - that was one pub for every 43 people. To compare that to nowadays, although Dundee is still Scotland's pub city, there are now only 115 pubs. That's one for every 1,278 people.

    There was a huge amount of fighting at closing time – it was a regular sight to see people being glassed or bottled on the streets. Bob Stewart, a Dundonian communist and teetolar, said that there was more fighting in the Overgate on a Saturday night than the Black Watch did in the whole of the Great War.