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    29 Nov 2018
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    Caird Hall

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    Look to the right of the Caird Hall. Here is another hall, called the Marryat Hall. You will also find a plaque to Caird's sister, Emma Marryat.

    When Caird died, he left his younger sister all of his considerable fortune and she continued many of his philanthropic projects, including funding the furnishing of Caird Hall and the building of the smaller hall next to it. Although she gave almost as much money away to the city of Dundee as her brother, he is better remembered - perhaps because of the massive hall that bears his name in the center of the city, but perhaps also because his donations were of a much flashier nature.

    Turn to your right and walk down the steps in front of you.

    Caird's most extravagant gesture was in 1914, when he got King George V and Queen Mary to lay the foundation stones for the Caird Hall. They did this from Caird's works, pushing buttons that laid the stones remotely. Queen Mary's button was made of jade and King George's of emerald. These were then presented to the Royals. Caird had just given away an emerald that was rumoured to be the second largest gem in the world.