• LOCATION 20 | On the road to Etihad: From street art to sweet treats

    Falcon Mural

    Look up here, at the building just ahead. You can’t really miss the enormous falcon spray-painted on its facade.

    Walk towards it now to take a closer look.

    Falconry is a proud part of Emirati culture, and Bedouin hunters have kept these birds of prey for hundreds of years, partly because they can be trained to catch and return their prey without killing it.

    Let’s carry on going straight down 2nd of December Street now.

    In modern Dubai, falcons aren’t used to hunt for food anymore. But falconry is a popular sport in the Emirates with passionate participants, and the UAE even has two falcon hospitals. It’s not uncommon for Emiratis to travel with their falcons. In fact, with the exception of guide dogs, they’re the only animal that Emirates Airlines allows in passenger seats, as long as they travel first or business class!

    Because of this close relationship between Emirati people and their falcons, the bird has become a national symbol. Next time you have any UAE dirham note handy, check the bottom left corner – you’ll see a falcon below the note’s denomination.

On the road to Etihad: From street art to sweet treats