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    Waterloo Place - Amelia Earhart Red Plaque

    Waterloo Place - Amelia Earhart Red Plaque on Derry / Londonderry audio tour Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City

    Veer left into Waterloo Place.

    We've arrived back where we started, by the Visit Derry Visitor Information Centre.

    However, can I first draw your attention to the building on the left which is the Northern Counties Building, and was formerly a large railway hotel in the city. At the right of the entrance you will see a red plaque that commemorates the visit of the famous female American aviator, Amelia Earhart who held a press conference here in May 1932 after she had crossed the Atlantic and landed just outside the city. Her flight was the first solo flight across the Atlantic by a woman, although it was by accident that she landed near the city, instead of Paris in France. Unfortunately Amelia Earhart subsequently disappeared during a flight through the infamous "Bermuda triangle" in 1937 and her plane has never been found. A group of local ladies who predominantly wear red, the colour of her most famous aircraft, erected this plaque in 2019 to commemorate her visit, and the Visitor Centre also has a multi-media display about her life and visit too.

    This is where I'll be leaving you.

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