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    Rock Mills (and Street Food)

    As you walk, you will notice on your left some street food outlets, which are very highly rated on Trip Advisor by visitors to the city. Outdoor seating arrangements provided for the use of customers include a former double decker bus.

    Just behind the food outlets outlets is a large dark coloured five-storey building called Rock Mills. Stop once you have a good view of it.

    This building is now used as residential accommodation for students at the nearby university and colleges, but was originally built in 1846 by Samuel Gilliland and sons as a mill. In the 1880's, it was the first location in Ireland to introduce the roller milling process with steel rollers for grinding, as alternative to the older process of using millstones. In the late 1970's/early 1980's I would have travelled through this area on my way to and from school by bus, and there were many similar warehouses, mainly derelict and of a more red-brick colour. As the riverfront has been re-developed, most of these have been removed. But by looking at the Rock Mills building, hopefully you get a sense of what this area would have looked like in its heyday from the 1840's to 1920's.

    When you're ready, continue walking straight.

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Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City