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    Little James Street - Bogside

    Little James Street - Bogside on Derry / Londonderry audio tour Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City

    You're approaching a street to the right called Little James Street.

    Please stop for a moment and look up it.

    If you were to continue to walk that way and then along the adjacent Pilots Row, it would take you to part of the west of the City and in particular the area known as the Bogside.

    We do not have time on this tour today to visit this area, but many visitors to the city like to visit some of the tourist attractions there, including the Museum of Free Derry, the Bogside Gallery and Free Derry Wall, so that may be an option for you if you wish to do so and close off your tour now.

    However as we only have two more stops in this tour, lets continue walking, carefully crossing the road and continuing to the end of Great James Street and the junction with the Strand Road.

    As you walk you will see some of the older shirt factory buildings which have been converted into modern use, and also some modern hotel buildings such as the Holiday Inn Express and the City Hotel.

    In early 2021 a new mural was unveiled just across the street to your left.

    It shows two men touching heads and the two men are the Dalai Lamai on the left, the exiled Buddhist spiritual leader of Tibet, and a local man called Richard Moore, who has been nicknamed the Derry Lama.

    Richard was blinded at the age of 10 in May 1972 by a rubber bullet fired by a British soldier during the period of the NI Troubles but despite his disability, he has founded a charity called Children in Crossfire that works to improve the lives of children in troubled places in the World. He has met and forgiven the soldier who fired the shot which blinded him, and is friendly with the Dalai Lama, and the mural shows how they normally greet each other when they meet.

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