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    Guildhall Square/Shipquay Place

    Guildhall Square/Shipquay Place on Derry / Londonderry audio tour Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City

    You are now approaching the main square of the city, Shipquay Place.
    When you arrive in the centre, please stop there for a few moments.


    Now, with the Walls to your back, look at the large red sandstone building in front of you.

    It is the city's town hall, known as the Guildhall. The Walls and other aspects of the city were built by the London companies, otherwise known as Guilds, so that is why the Hall is called the Guildhall.

    The original guildhall was built here in 1890 but most of it burned down in 1906, apart from the clocktower on the right which survived. If you look to the top of the clocktower and the weathervane, you will see a golden ship - thats the Mountjoy which is famous for breaking the boom and bringing the great siege of Derry to an end in July 1689.

    The Guildhall is very highly recommended as a place to visit, so please consider returning here after the end of your Tour. It is free to visit and on the ground floor contains an information desk, and there is an exhibition on the Plantation of Ulster. If you get time to visit the first floor, there is a large hall which contains some remarkable stain glass windows and large organ. This hall is used for many civic events, so may not always be accessible. There is also the Council Chamber where the elected representatives in the Council would meet to govern the City.

    We are now going to leave the Square, and walk along Guildhall Street, keeping the Guildhall on our right and walk to the traffic lights where we will cross a busy road to the River Foyle Embankment.

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Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City