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    Emigration Sculptures 3

    The first one says:

    Faithful Steward 1785 - this ship left Derry in July 1785, bound for Philadelphia, the bulk of its 249 passengers being Ulster Scots Presbyterian, and it sank after hitting a sandbank near Delaware with the loss of all but 68 passengers and crew.

    Erin 1835-1842 - carried passengers for the Corscadden line from the city to North America for 7 years.


Minehaha 1860-1895 - A McCorkell line ship, and possibly their finest clipper, which sailed from the city to New York for many years.


Columbia 1902-1924 - a steamship which sailed from Glasgow to New York but picked up Derry passengers from tenders in the Lough. 

    Seamore 1928-1939 a tender that took Derry passengers from city to connect with ocean liners.


Lairdsloch 1944-1966 a cross channel steamer known as the Scotch Boat.

    Now please take the opportunity to have a walk around the sculptures and benches and explore at your leisure. This is the closest we will go to the Foyle Bridge, so you may wish to have a closer look towards it. It is also possible to continue your walk along the river right up to this bridge and along the scenic Bay Road Nature Reserve. However we will not be doing that today, but there is now a more close up photo on your screen of the Foyle Bridge.

    When you're done, retrace your steps back down along the quay with the river now on your left, and I'll meet you again further ahead at one of the timber point of departure plaques.

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Derrie Danders: A Guide to the Quayside and North City