• LOCATION 10 | Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront

    Welsh Wall

    At the end of the Road you see a wall with several plaques of good Snowdonia Slate - the Welsh Wall. Stop for a moment in front of them so you can learn a little about the language.

    You see we have several extra letters such as the double L, which is pronounced ll - put your tongue as if you were going to say a L but try to say TH instead. Welsh is more pronounceable than you think once you know W is a vowel pronounced oo as in Betws y Coed.

    Step into the road, it is not usually busy but be sure to check carefully for any traffic which will be coming from your right.

    Look up to the left. There you'll see the Upper Gate in the town walls which was the original main entrance to the town before other gaps were made in the wall in the 19th century.

    The brick building is also worth knowing about as The Albion is the only pub in the UK owned by four micro-breweries and you may want to come back to try their great ales.

    When you're ready, turn so the wall with the plaques is on your left, and continue down the street.

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Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront