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    Start - Conwy Tourism Information Centre

    Start - Conwy Tourism Information Centre on Conwy audio tour Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront

    Croeso yr Gonwy. Welcome to Conwy. You're standing in the heart of this special town in front of a red-brick building which is a central point for the visitor as inside is the tourist information office - and some very useful toilets. It's also a community hub with residents popping in to the Post Office.

    All towns get their character through a unique blend of history and geography and, during this tour I hope to orientate you in time and space, entertain you with tales of residents past and present and also give you some tips of where to visit and eat and drink.

    My name is Amanda Whitehead and I am an Official Wales Tourist Guide and a proud resident of this gorgeous town.

    Medieval Conwy sits inside the triangle made from the wall circuit - with the Castle at one end and the nearby church at its centre. We'll be visiting that as well as other historical buildings of national - indeed International importance - since Conwy's Castle and walls is a World Heritage site.

    So, let's get going.

    Carefully cross the road - its one-way with the traffic coming from your left and head into the car park. Our next stop is the Castle, that will be on your left.

    While you walk, I'll briefly explain how VoiceMap works.

    It uses your location to play audio automatically at the right moment. This means you can put your phone away. There might be occasional periods of silence in between my talking, this is normal. There's an onscreen map if you feel lost and if you go way off track, VoiceMap will let you know.

    Skirt the car park to the left.

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Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront