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    Incredible Edible Conwy

    Stop once across the road.

    On this side of the road is a great view of the castle defences where a ramp would have lead up to a gap filled by a drawbridge and hence to the doorways and portcullis defences that we discussed at the beginning of the walk.

    See if you can spot the holes that once contained the drawbridge mechanism beneath the modern wooden balcony.

    Surrounding the wishing well are flower beds not filled with flowers but more usable vegetables. This is a lovely local scheme where volunteers maintain the beds but anyone can help themselves to a few cabbage leaves or herbs.

    Another well known figure in Conwy is the armoured statue outside the knights shop (unless you are here when it is closed!) They sell children's shields and swords but are also great specialists in historic armoury and supply re-enactments and film sets.

    We are going to end the tour here. If you want to get back to the start, cross over the road to the Bridge Inn - or visit the Cheese Room opposite for delicious local produce. If you want to return to the quayside go through the little postern gate to the right of the knight shop.

    I do hope you have enjoyed this stroll around my home town and, if you want to repeat it with a real guide, check out conwy tours.net for the times of my walks. I'd also appreciate it if you took a moment to rate the tour and leave a comment.

    There is a posh Welsh word for farewell but around here we just tend to say ta ta! Hwyl Fawr - have fun.

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Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront