Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

    17 Oct 2019
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    Tourdescription About the audio tour

    We save polar bears. Let us tell you about the bears in our care, and the work that we do here.. This guide tries to answer all the questions you may have, but please don't hesitate to ask any of our knowledgeable staff about anything we missed.

    Majorlandmarks Major Landmarks

    Polar Bear Sanctuary, Heritage Village, Snowmobile Museum

    Startingpoint Directions to starting point

    Coming into town from Highway 11, turn right immediately after the O.P.P. Station, and follow the polar bear signs to the Welcome Centre.

    Tips Tips

    Places to stop along the way:

    Lake Commando in downtown Cochrane, with its boardwalk and pavilion, is great to visit.

    Best time of day:

    The polar bears tend to be more active in the mornings. Summers are very busy, but the bears are in their element during winter.


    Please respect the bears. Do not run along the fence line, attempt to climb the electrified fences, or throw anything at the bears.