ARCHIVED [30/08/19]: Scenery and Science in a Physics Wonderland

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    30 Aug 2018
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    Lederman Science Center

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    We're now at the Lederman Science Center, and the end of our tour, so find a place to park while I tell you a little more about it.

    This space is designed for K-12 educators and students, and is named after Fermilab’s second director – Nobel Prize winner Leon Lederman. The science center si open to anyone interested in science six days a week. It contains hands-on exhibits, technology and science labs, the teacher resource center, and a store. There’s also a racetrack shaped like our accelerator complex outside. We encourage you to get out and explore.

    When you’re finished, consider heading back to Wilson Hall, where you can enjoy the soaring atrium. Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4:30pm, you can visit the art gallery on the second floor. You can also check out the lab from the viewing areas on the 15th floor during those same hours, or between 9am and 3pm on the weekends. Please sign in at the reception desk upon your arrival.

    We encourage everyone to come back and take a guided tour of Wilson Hall and the linear accelerator, where our operators create and guide the powerful particle beams that feed our experiments. The weekly free tour is on Wednesday mornings at 10, and you can get more information online at Fermilab also hosts an arts and lecture series, which brings in speakers and performers throughout the year. Most of these events take place in Ramsey Auditorium, located on the south side of Wilson Hall. If you check it out, be sure to look up! The wood used in the auditorium is made from black walnut trees that were illegally cut down during the lab’s construction and later recovered. And on top of Ramsey Auditorium is another sculpture. The Mobius Strip is a stainless steel art piece welded by Robert Wilson and dedicated in 1974.

    Thanks for taking an interest in Fermilab and in particle physics. You can follow Fermilab on most social media platforms and find out more about our science discoveries and upcoming events. Check the description of this tour for links to our website and social media. We hope to see you again soon.

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