• LOCATION 5 | ARCHIVED [30/08/19]: Scenery and Science in a Physics Wonderland

    IARC and Tractricious

    The blue and white building ahead on your right is the Illinois Accelerator Research Center. It's a state of the art facility for developing particle accelerator technology. The focus is on partnering with universities and industry to find applications for accelerator tech in medicine, energy and the environment, national security and discovery science.

    On the left is the 36-foot-tall metal sculpture called Tractricious, designed by Robert Wilson. The sculpture has 16 freestanding outer tubes that are made from spare parts from the Tevatron’s dipole magnets. Each weighs 550 pounds.

    Those buildings behind Tractricious are the Industrial Building Complex, where we design, build, and test some of the world's most powerful magnets and other accelerator components.

ARCHIVED [30/08/19]: Scenery and Science in a Physics Wonderland