• LOCATION 8 | ARCHIVED [30/08/19]: Scenery and Science in a Physics Wonderland

    History and Science

    The lab’s official birthday is June 15, 1967, but its story begins before that. There was a desire for a truly national lab dedicated to physics, and a number of sites around the country were proposed. In late 1966, the village of Weston and surrounding farmland was selected to be the site of the new National Accelerator Laboratory. This was later renamed the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in honor of Enrico Fermi, who worked at the nearby University of Chicago until 1954. Many of the village houses and barns still stand on the site. The Fermilab Village now contains offices, labs, housing for visiting scientists, a gathering space to relax, and a gym. Those areas are just ahead on your left. They're restricted to Fermilab employees and users, so we'll be taking a right at the intersection ahead.

ARCHIVED [30/08/19]: Scenery and Science in a Physics Wonderland