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    Start - Tourist Information Centre (TIC)

    Start - Tourist Information Centre (TIC) on Chester audio tour Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City

    Welcome to Chester, one of Britain's most haunted cities.
    The city has 2,000 years of history from the Romans via the Victorians to the modern day, featuring plague, pestilence and prosperity during its long history. And that's why there are so many spooks, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

    I'm David, a Chester-born travel writer and tour guide, running a blog about travel in my region. I love exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of my home city, and I'm going to introduce you to some of them today on this circular walking tour.

    Now, there are no jump scares planned — nobody in a white sheet like an episode of Scooby Doo. But that means, if you do feel a frisson of something from another dimension, then .... it's real.

    Ready then? Chester is alive with the dead. Let's go meet them!

    You should be standing outside the Tourist Information Centre.

    With your back to the Centre, walk towards the street called Northgate Street, then turn right and start walking along it.

    While you walk, let me briefly explain how VoiceMap works.

    It uses your location to play audio automatically, at the right time and place. This means that you can put your phone away now. Don't worry if I'm silent at times, when I'm not giving directions or telling stories. There's a map on your screen if you ever feel lost, and if you do get way off track without noticing, VoiceMap will let you know.

    As you go, you will see the medieval, black-and-white buildings typical of Chester. It's behind these doors that our stories and folk takes will be revealed.

    Continue along Northgate street. You'll hear from me further ahead.

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Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City