• LOCATION 29 | Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City

    Chester Cathedral

    Keep going, following the path around the rear of the cathedral.

    The cathedral has been a place of worship since Roman times.
    The present-day building dates from the 11th century, built by the Norman first Earl of Chester as a Benedictine abbey. After King Henry VIII called for the dissolution of the monasteries in the mid 16th century, the abbey church became Chester's cathedral, home to the remains of St Werburgh. This site has seen more than its fair share of conflict over the centuries, none more so than following the defeat of Charles I at the battle of Rowton Heath in 1645. As the Roundheads charged into the city via the Eastgate, the cathedral saw the Royalists' last stand.

    It is such dramatic moments from the history of Chester that are integral to this tour. You have hopefully seen how these events, flashpoints of tragedy and human suffering, have become imprinted into the very fabric of the city. In the process, we believe, something of the energy of that moment has been captured — as if frozen in time.

    Now walk under the archway and rejoin Town Hall Square with the Coach and Horses pub in front of you.

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Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City