Spier Art Walk: Wine Tasting Room

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    15 Apr 2019
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    Artisan Apprenticeship Programme

    Artisan Apprenticeship Programme
    Spier Art Walk: Wine Tasting Room

    Continue walking.

    Spier believes that the visual arts are a powerful tool for transformation and supports and stimulates the arts community in South Africa through projects that honour our African arts heritage and enriches its future.

    One of these projects is the Artisan Apprenticeship Programme.

    This social upliftment programme aims to provide emerging artisans with quality training, giving them the necessary artistic and business skills to run their own businesses upon graduation.

    It is South Africa’s only professional mosaic apprenticeship programme. It provides students with opportunities to work on real-world projects, collaborate with specially selected artists and learn professional art practices by association.

    The employment-based training encompasses a three year, full time course. The focus is on the ancient art of mosaic. Professional mosaic artists from the Spilembergo School of Mosaic in Italy train the students in the production of architectural mosaics using a variety of materials, including locally sourced natural stone.

    Keep going. You're heading to the striking red artwork at the end of the path.

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