• LOCATION 22 | Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour

    The Circle of Saints

    NARRATOR: Step out onto this last lookout, to look at the view.


    Look over the edge. Can you see the road, winding along the base of the mountain? That’s Victoria Road. Shereen Habib has close ties to an important spiritual site located just above it.

    SHEREEN: There's a path leading up 100 steps from that road, to the grave of a man named Sheikh Noorul Mubeen. This is part of a holy circle of Karaamats that are placed around the mother city. A Karaamat is the burial site or shrine of a Muslim saint. They were spiritually empowered by God. They are said to heal humanity and perform miracles. Sheikh Noorul Mubeen was brought here from Indonesia 300 years ago by the Dutch. He was imprisoned on Robben Island, but he escaped and went into hiding up in those mountains. At night, he taught the local slaves about Islam, and when he died, the shrine was built to honour him. There are more than 25 Karaamats in the peninsula, and they're arranged into a holy circle around Table Mountain which is said to protect the Cape from natural disasters. These shrines were not placed in a circle by people – it just happened that way. It fulfilled a 300 year old prophecy that there would be a Circle of Islam at the Cape.

    NARRATOR: Okay, now get back on the path. Keep walking straight, over the wooden walkway ahead.

Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour