• LOCATION 2 | Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour

    First Lookout: The City Bowl

    NARRATOR: Now go past the signboard, and take the path going to the left.

    As you walk, look around. Do you see the plants with fleshy, spiky leaves? If it's winter, they might each be topped with a single bright red flower. Those are Aloes, and they're indigenous to South Africa.

    There's a lookout point on your left. Let’s stop there for a while, to take in the view. Go on over to the edge, and look at the city below.


    From here, you have a spectacular view of what we call the City Bowl, because of the way the city is tucked protectively between the sea and the mountains. The tall pointy peak on your left is Lion's Head. And from below, that's exactly what it looks like. There's even a row of trees that look like the lion's eyebrows. The hill that extends out of it, like the lion's body, is called Signal Hill. It's a great place to watch the sunset. Together, they form the western edge of the City Bowl.


    Now look beyond Signal Hill, into the ocean. Can you see the island, floating in the distance? That’s Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years imprisoned, along with many other political prisoners.


    Now let your eyes wander all the way across the city. That tall peak to the far right is Devil's Peak. You'll hear more about it soon.

    For now, I'll leave you to soak up the sights. When you're ready to move on, just get back on the path and keep following it along the edge of the cliff.

Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour