• LOCATION 3 | Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour

    Bronze Trail Marker: Klipspringer Walk

    NARRATOR: There's a bronze plaque on a stone column just ahead. Go over to it and stop to take a closer look. It’s a map showing the various walking trails.


    Are you there yet? Have a look at all the trails winding across the mountain top. We're going to follow the Klipspringer Walk, all around the edge of the mountain. Along the way, you'll see the city from every angle, until we end back near the cable car station – just to give you an idea of the ground we're covering. You're welcome to stop for pictures, or to go over to the lookout points.

    Before we get going again, I have a few important things to tell you. The wind sometimes picks up without warning. If that happens, we have to get you down from the mountain, because the Cableway will be closing. A siren will go off, and if you hear that, go back to the station immediately. It’s also very important that you stick to the paved rock path. Just listen out for my directions and you'll easily stay on track.

    Okay, let's keep moving. Go straight past the map, and carry on along the path.

Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour