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  • LOCATION 2 | Green Point Park


    Peter: Stop here for a moment, and take a look at the water feature in the middle of the path. It’s made from slate that was quarried right here. And on your left, you’ll notice a water channel that runs beside the path. It feeds the retention ponds in the Metropolitan Golf Course ahead.

    This water was re-channelled from old artesian wells in Oranjezicht, on the other side of Signal Hill, and it comes directly from there into the park. These wells made Cape Town a suitable halfway house for Dutch ships sailing to Asia, and they provided water for the settlement that was established here later.

    During the 1970’s, this water was redirected out to sea. The city had grown, climbing up the side of Table Mountain, and the water was slightly contaminated. But we found out that it was in fact potable and could be redirected into the Urban Park sustainably both during winter and summer, ad infinitum. This saves 580 000 kilolitres of water annually, which is equal to over a million and a half baths. It’s one of the greatest success stories of the entire project.

    Philip: We’re going to turn left here, but before we do, look to your right. You’ll see a white building at another of the park’s entrances. It used to house the Green Point Soccer Club and when the Cape Argus Cycle Tour happens here each year, it’s where VIPs finish the race. Next to it, you’ll see the Rye Grass Nursery. It’s where the city grows grass for the stadium, so that it can be replaced quickly after large events like the U2 Concert in 2011.

    Philip: Okay, turn left here. We’re making our way towards the Biodiversity Garden, where I’ll hand over to Marijke Honig. She helped to conceptualise and design this interactive, educational space.

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