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  • LOCATION 4 | Green Point Park

    The Discovery Trail

    Marijke: The Discovery Trail invites you to experience our Cape flora and discover what bio-diversity is all about. On your left you will see a display of large metal structures, illustrating the 4 main threats to biodiversity here at the Cape. Can you work out what the threats are? For example the digger-loader represents urban development, which has wiped out most of the natural vegetation around here. The signboard at the end will explain the threats in more detail.

    Ahead is a big metal dome – go inside and take a look around.

    The shape of the shade dome echoes that of the Khoikhoi matjieshut. The domed design is efficient, with relatively little steel holding up a large structure. At your feet you will find a mosaic done by artists Fiona Berrisford and Mary Visser. They chose to represent the cell, which is of course the basic building block of all biodiversity. See if you can remember your school biology and recognise the nucleus, chloroplast, ribosomal DNA, and mitochondria.

    Walk out of the dome the same way you came in, and turn left to walk all the way around the outside of the structure. The displays here are about gardening for biodiversity. Here you’ll find practical demos of plants suitable for hedging, different types of lawn grasses, and how to attract sunbirds. The signage will tell you about each display – feel free to pause this audio and walk around.

    When you’re ready to move on, continue walking around the dome to the path on the far side, which will take you towards the lighthouse. As you walk, look out for the vegeatation types. Did you know that Cape Town had 26 different types of vegetation? You’ll see signboards to help you identify them.

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