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    Green Point Lighthouse

    Philip: Turn left here, back onto the Pedestrian Walkway, and cross the bridge just ahead.

    As you do, you’ll see what remains of the seasonal Grand Vlei. It’s been incorporated into the golf course. Here’s Peter again.

    Peter: The Green Point Common is on a flat coastal plain, and the seasonal vlei and granite and shale substrata made it rich grazing land. The Khoe-Khoe used it in the Pre-Colonial Period, and in the 1800s, during the British Colonial Period, regatta’s were held on the vlei.

    When we first started looking at how we could reconfigure the common, our major task was finding space for the new stadium. To do that to, we had to satisfy all of the seven sporting codes that have historically used the common, some of them for over a hundred years. A large part of the golf course used to be where the stadium is now, and we to had include a 72 par course in the reconfigured space. This almost tripped up the whole project, and at one point it was hotly debated, right through night, before the Western Cape’s Minister of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Tasneem Essop, finally granted approval.

    If approval hadn’t been granted, the city would not have been in a position to host the FIFA Semi Final.

    Philip: We are now heading towards the park’s Western Gateway, and you can see the Green Point Lighthouse just past it, through the gap in the buildings up ahead. It dates back to 1824, and is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the country. It’s also the HQ of South Africa’s lighthouse service.

    Stop when you get to the entrance up ahead. I'll meet you there.

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