Tour Locations | Green Point Park

  • LOCATION 10 | Green Point Park

    Green Gym

    Philip: Keep walking.

    The open space on your left was specifically designed to allow more active recreation, such as ball games and flying kites etc. You’ll also see the Green Gym Circuit on your left.

    The majority of the machines allow for two people to work-out simultaneously, and this how many of them were named. There’s the Twin Walker, the Double Walker, the Twin push-up Frame, the Twin Twister, the Double Twister, the Twin Push Chair and the Twin Tai-Chi Wheel. This allows couples to spur one another on in their efforts towards health and fitness.

    This project was designed and funded by the Roggebaai Lions Club and donated to the City. It’s another example of how the community has invested in the park.

    As we carry on along this circular path, you’ll notice a white building up ahead. Make your way over to that.

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