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  • LOCATION 5 | Green Point Park

    Everything's Connected

    Marijke: On the left, you’ll notice that the thick vegetation clears, and there’s a patch of lawn with metal structures on it. This was one of the most challenging displays for me to design. Biodiversity isn’t just about the variety of all plants and animals, but also the connections between organisms, and nutrient cycles. How does one explain this? Or better still how does one experience this? To discover how everything is connected, we designed the ‘Knock-on’ display which shows the knock-on effect of one simple action. We also created a simple food web, with an owl, some rats, snakes and a honey badger.

    The final display is situated within a Fibonacci spiral, just ahead. It aims to inspire people to make a positive difference. There are some wonderful stories of people doing small but great things. Gardens are constantly changing over the seasons, and evolve over time. So I hope that you will be visiting again soon.

    Now, take the right fork just before the Fibonacci spiral, and head back to the main paved pathway, where Philip will take over again.

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