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    6. Juice

    6. Juice on Cape Town audio tour Cellar Audio Guide: From Berry to Barrel to Bottle

    NARRATOR: Look out over the busy space in front of you. Can you see two long machines on wheels? They’re both presses.

    Red and white wines follow different paths from this point on. Let’s start with whites, which go straight into the press after being destemmed.

    The presses have a big balloon on one side and a strainer on the other. The balloon is repeatedly inflated to just under the pressure of a car tyre for about two hours.

    Boela: The whole process takes about an hour and half, two hours. Then you have your juice.

    NARRATOR: That’s Boela again.

    Boela: From a ton of grapes, you should get about 630 litres of juice…The juice looks like…if you make your own freshly squeezed orange juice, it’s not clear…it doesn’t look like water…and the same thing with the grape juice.

    NARRATOR: The pressed juice from white varieties goes into a cooling tank next. We’ll get to those in a moment, but let’s let Boela deal with the reds first.

    BOELA: Red wine…when the grapes arrive at the cellar - the colour of the juice, of shiraz and cabernet and pinotage, is just as white as sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. The colour pigment is only in the skin. So you have to ferment the reds on the skin. So the reds get destemmed and then we pump the juice and the skin and the pips and the flesh...everything goes into those big tanks next to the presses.

    NARRATOR: You’ve probably spotted these tanks already. They’re directly to your left, on this side of the platform.

    The reds ferment inside these tanks, but fermentation doesn’t happen on its own. Winemakers use yeast to kickstart the process, and this makes yeast the next part of our story.

    Turn now so that the presses are on your right. You should see the signboard for location seven on a low wall, beside a window. Go over to it.

Cellar Audio Guide: From Berry to Barrel to Bottle