Baz'Art Salt River Street Art Tour

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    09 Feb 2019
    Clock 45min      Length1.5mi
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    WiseTwo and Parrot by Migo

    Pay wave

    here are a few more works to go. Take your time here.

    Look to your left through the green fence. Can you see the mural with the African mask on the wall just inside the fence. This is the work of WiseTwo from Kenya and these are the grounds of the Blackpool Football Club. Stay here while I tell you more. WiseTwo has been on the street art scene for more than 10 years. He's become a forerunner for Kenya and has been listed as one of the top 50 public artists globally. He created the African inspired mask for IPAF 2017 and describes his style as “Afro-psychedelic”. He uses his roots in India and Kenya as his main inspirations. His style has become easily identifiable as he often uses stencil with a pinch of African culture as his signature.

    With the green fence behind you look over the road at the mural on the front of the Sisco House building. This was created by Mr. Migo and is called “Aweh”. The piece is based on the noble intention to make people smile, laugh and share a sense of belonging by using local slang. The word "Aweh" is used as a form of greeting and an agreement in everyday conversation.

    Now make your way over to the next work on the left side of the Sisco building, just around its corner.

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