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    Currently, there is no state-subsidised, affordable housing in Woodstock, Salt River, or the inner city. But three Woodstock sites were supposed to be developed by 2012. Julian gave me some of the details.

    "Okay, so these are the three sites they mention, it’s Dillon Lane in Woodstock which is big enough for 492 units, Pickwick Road in Woodstock, big enough for 1317 units, and the Salt River Market site which is big enough for 1896 units." (12:29)

    Benedicta van Minnen, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, said it’s a complicated situation, when I asked why these projects haven't been completed. She says there are currently informal settlements on some of the sites, and the residents' well-being needs to be considered.

    She also said that the City has been developing a vision for inclusive development in urban centres, but that one method alone can’t meet the demand. Apparently, at the time this tour was recorded, they had 300 000 applications for affordable housing on their database. She said that City-enabled but partner-driven solutions are the way forward.

    She added that at the moment, there are proposals for up to six social housing projects over the medium- to long-term in Woodstock and Salt River. But feasibility and other considerations must be undertaken first. According to van Minnen, the City can’t just focus on inner-city housing projects. The need across the metro is pronounced and they are also trying to improve transport to areas outside of the inner city. Please see the route description for the full answer.

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A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River