• LOCATION 22 | A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River

    Gentrification by DFeat Once

    Now stop here and look to your left. Can you see the piece of street art? Go and have a closer look.

    It's by DFeat Once, a local artist from Woodstock. I asked him to give me some background about his artwork.

    "Yeah, um, basically I did that piece… I got back to my old neighbourhood and I never saw any of my old friends I grew up with. Their parents didn’t stay in the same house, they had to either be put on the street or they moved into another area which they grew up in. And that’s quite sad because people have legacies here, they have histories, there was one piece where a lady who was 90 had to be moved, you know. There’s nobody to defend her either, so it’s easy to get her out. That’s people’s legacies, people have memories and things like that. I’m sure, like anybody who would lose their comfortable home somewhere would be quite angered by it. [cut]

    "My piece is all about me coming home and realising that where I used to live is either for sale, or it’s been sold, or someone new has taken it over, growing up in the area, it’s sad, because even myself, I had to leave the area because of how prices were basically put up, you know."

    Now go to the corner, and then turn right, back in the direction of where we started this tour.

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A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River