• LOCATION 8 | A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River

    Alfred Street Eviction

    Stop here. The double-storey corner building on your right is Nooraan's house. Three families lived here for many years, and now have to make way for office space. After being pressured to leave after a new owner took over the house, Nooraan couldn't find any affordable accommodation in the area, so she went to court to oppose the eviction. She was hoping to stay on, but what she got was four rent-free months to give her time to find alternative accommodation. I asked her how the search was going.

    (11:08) You know what, Christine, for me, I don’t want to lose hope on this thing but from my own point of view, four months is reasonable, right, without rent. But finding a place within that time is not easy. For them, four months seems long, but it’s not, especially if you have children around and you need to look at the places. Is it safe for your children? You know, all that stuff. Yah, I don’t know. (11:56)

    The City offered to look into alternative accommodation in Delft, not in Blikkiesdorp, but close by. When I talked to Nooraan, it was clear that this was not an option.

    (14:02) Delft no, no way. It’s a no no. Gangsterism, the breaking into even though you’re in your house, the guys start walking into your house. Safety for my children, schooling for my children, it’s a no go. (14:25)

    Now turn to face the direction you came from. Can you see the steps leading up onto the road? Take them to the pedestrian crossing and cross over the busy road on your right. I'll meet you on the other side.

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A Community in Crisis: Gentrification in Woodstock and Salt River