• LOCATION 24 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Tree Graveyard

    At the bend in the road, look for a rough track running off to the left. Walk between the wooden barriers to the large fallen tree on the beach. Stop when you get there.

    An Aboriginal midden was discovered here when drainage was installed. You used to be able to see shells in the sandy soil, but erosion has more or less cut the tip off this island and the midden went with it.

    From here, you can see what we call the 'Tree Graveyard' after the very old trees that have fallen. Because the soil is sandy, when there's no rain, the trees become stressed. When rain eventually returns, the soil goes soft, and many trees gradually start to fall over.

    If you look into the bay you'll see a marker which defines the end of the shallow water. There used to be mangrove trees growing out to that point, but in recent cyclonic weather, they were washed away.

    Most of our weather comes from the south, but our most damaging conditions come from the north. The island has been shaped by the southerly winds, and it's said to be moving north by a few millimetres every year. But when a cyclone happens and the wind comes from the north, the island is more or less unprepared for it, so we have worse erosion.

    Now you can return to the concrete road, turn left and continue up the short hill.

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