• LOCATION 7 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Quirky Cottages

    You can't really miss the giant purple resort on your right, can you? Keep following the road around it to the right.

    This is Quirky Cottages. One of our residents, Hayley, really likes purple. She bought these railway carriages and turned them into an accommodation destination which has been featured on TV a number of times.

    The railway carriages are themed - you can choose between 'I Dream of Jeannie' and 'Ken and Barbie'.

    There are also cottages on the property with different layouts and interior decoration.

    The whole place is a bit like a farm-stay, because Hayley keeps a lot of animals. There are chickens, goats and a donkey. You can even bring your own pet with you!

    This place has a really magical feeling and is very welcoming for visiting families, with plenty of things to keep curious kids interested. You can book just one cottage or the whole place, so it's very popular with many different types of visitors.

    Keep going around the corner with the cottages on your right.

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