• LOCATION 21 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Peel Island Leper Colony

    Stop here for a moment, and take a look out into the bay.

    You've seen Cleveland Point to the left of the view, but as you face the bay, in the very middle of the horizon you'll see Peel island. It's quite a long, low island which is now national park.

    In the 1950s it was used as a leper colony. At that time, there was no cure for leprosy, so patients were more or less incarcerated for life. If you were diagnosed, the police came and put you straight on a train, and you came to Moreton Bay.

    Once antibiotics were available, the centre was closed.

    To the very right of the view is North Stradbroke Island, or 'Straddie', with the township of Dunwich nestled on its shore.

    Continue along the beach; you'll hear from me again just a little further on.

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