• LOCATION 22 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Morwong Beach

    Stop here and find yourself a comfortable patch of sand, so I can tell you a little more about this beach for two minutes.

    Coochie is a bit of a square shape, a kilometre-and-a-half wide, about a kilometre north to south, and about five kilometres around.

    When the developers came to the island in the 1950s, they named places to try and sell them, so they had estates like 'Golden Sands Estate' and 'Morwong Beach Estate'.

    The Morwong is a good eating fish found in the bay, so that name stuck, whereas in all the other estates, it didn't.

    I used to fish, but it's become increasingly hard to catch good fish, although recently people have been netting record Bream and Taylor.

    Because Morwong Beach is very pretty it's been particularly popular for weddings and television commercials. It has the feeling that you could be anywhere.

    Beach hibiscus trees grow along the foreshore, with mangroves behind. Depending on the tide and the time of year, you might be able to see a small inlet where the creek comes out from the wetlands. This used to be called Baby Creek. In fact this used to be called Baby Beach because in the island's early days, people would come up here to wash the nappies in the fresh water.

    OK , when you're ready, make your way off the beach. Just keep going the way we're going and look to the right for a grassy patch that leads just off the beach back towards the road. I'll meet you on the grass.

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