• LOCATION 4 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Main Beach

    Stop here at the toilet block and have a look at the mural.

    It depicts Matthew Flinders, the first European explorer to arrive on Coochiemudlo Island in July, 1799.

    While I talk, walk all around the building and check out the maps showing his voyage into Moreton Bay on board the sloop, Norfolk. Look out for Flinders' cat, Trim, who sailed on many of his master's voyages around Australia.

    Flinders spent a few hours on Coochie and sought out the highest point on this side of the island. He was looking for the mouth of a river, but decided there wasn't likely to be one further south in this part of the bay, and continued his voyage to the north. We'll hear more about Matthew Flinders later.

    Walk over to where you can see the beach. This is part of Main Beach, which runs along this side of the island. It has its own Surf Life Saving Club, part of one of the largest voluntary community organisations in Australia.

    This is also where a car barge arrives and departs multiple times, every day. Many locals use it in addition to the ferry, as foot passengers and in our cars. You can usually spot locals by the shopping trolleys we pull along behind us.

    The population of southeast Queensland is rapidly increasing, and there aren't too many recreation areas, so Coochiemudlo Island is quite an important resource for Redland City, the local government area that we live in. I'm currently the president of the Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society, which was founded in the year 2000.

    Islanders call this open area around the circumference of the island 'The Emerald Fringe' because we have many tall cypress pines with a darker green foliage than the eucalypt trees, which tend to have grey-green leaves. There's a stand of cypress pines growing by the road leading down to the boat ramp.

    All right! That's it for now. This is the last chance to use a public toilet until approximately halfway through the tour. So when you're ready, head back across the parking lot and start walking up the street I showed you a few minutes ago. I'll meet you up there.

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