• LOCATION 1 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Ferry Terminal

    Welcome to Coochiemudlo Island or 'Coochie' as locals call it.

    You should be standing in front of the Elizabeth Street Ferry Terminal. Turn so that the jetty and the sea are behind you. Can you the park across the pathway to your right? That's Foreshore Park.

    My name is David Paxton, and I've lived on this island for many years. The places and stories I'll interpret for you today are part on an ongoing conversation between residents, historians and the traditional owners of this region.

    This island is unusual in Moreton Bay in that it was surveyed after the Surveyor-General made the decision to leave a fringe of public land around it. Most of the other islands were surveyed before 1878 and their foreshores went into private ownership, but what makes Coochie unique is that you can walk all the way around the island at its very edge.

    So let's get started. Now turn so that the water is on your left. Start walking along the concrete pathway. We’re going to keep going with the water on our left for a little while.

    As we go, let me explain how this works. VoiceMap uses your location to play commentary automatically, so you can now put your phone away and focus on your surroundings. Silence between tracks is normal, so if you don't hear from me, don't panic! Just keep going. There's a route map on the screen, but only use it if you get lost or stuck.

    Keep going, and you’ll hear from me a little further down the path.

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