• LOCATION 7 | Inside Allston's Music Venues

    Tavern In The Square

    Stop here on the corner for a second.

    In the little square on your left is another great hotspot to check out. The entrance is just a few meters down Brighton Avenue, and it's called the Tavern In The Square. If you're interested, you can wander down and have a look. Otherwise, just keep walking straight down Harvard Avenue, staying on the left hand side.

    Tavern In The Square is frequented heavily by college students who live in this area. It's a great place to get away it from it all. It has a diverse beer selection and an endless array of food to keep you occupied before or after you head out for your show.

    Carry on walking down the left hand side of Harvard Avenue. Our final stop is a few minutes ahead. I'll leave you in silence for a while, so just keep walking until you hear my voice again.

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