• LOCATION 6 | Inside Allston's Music Venues

    Brighton Music Hall

    Stop here for a moment.

    On your left is the Brighton Music Hall, one of the bigger venues we'll see along this route. This expansive venue was formerly known as Harper's Ferry, and has brought welcome to scores of traveling acts from across the country. The performers here represent a cross section of bands from a diverse range of genres.

    If you go inside, you'll see posters of The Clash and The Cure prominently displayed on the wall, along with 2 bars on each side of the space. In the back section is the game room. A pool table is available for your needs, along with skee ball and various other arcade games to tide you over until your favorite act hits the stage.

    When you're ready to move on, turn around and make your way back to Harvard Avenue. Then turn left and cross the road via the crosswalk. We're going to carry on along Harvard Avenue, the same direction we were going before we turned. I'll meet you on the corner on the other side.

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