• LOCATION 5 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional

    Torres Del Parque

    Make your way over to the gap in the redbrick wall on your left and walk through it. Then walk down to the area below you. Stop when you get there.


    You're now in the Torres del Parque. This is a residential building complex that was built in the late 1960s.
    It was designed by the most important Colombian architect of the last century, Rogelio Salmona. His specialty was red brick, and many of his works are made with this material.
    This splendorous structure follows the rhythm of the mountains, and reflects the sun with the red tone of the local made bricks. Its a very special place at sunset.

    You can appreciate how the architect respected the public space and the vicinity of the Macarena as well as the bullring, the Plaza de Toros la Santamaría and the Parque de la Independencia. We'll be seeing these places shortly.

    Feel free to explore this area and feel the magic of the artist that expressed in Bogotá his view on how to design structures to be walked, watched and admired for years to come.


    When you're ready to move on, turn with your back to the mountains and follow the stairs that lead downward to your left. We're making our way to the entrance of el Parque de la Independencia.

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