• LOCATION 31 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional

    Rafael Uribe Uribe Monument

    Turn right here and make your way over to the monument with the 4 pillars. Stop in front of it when you get there.


    Its in honor of Rafael Uribe Uribe, a prominent politician who championed liberal ideas and technological advances in coffee farming. He fought as a general in the civil war of la Guerra de los 1000 días, known in English as the one thousand days war. He excelled and won many battles.
    He was eventually murdered in 1914, in what is considered to be the first of many politically motivated killings that took place in 20th century Colombia. The monument was made by the Spanish sculptor Victorio Macho and depicts the naked hero with the liberty torch in the hands of the motherland.

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    On your left is the entrance to the park. Make sure you go in and enjoy the birds singing, and the tranquility of being here.
    I highly recommend the walk. You'll see many attractive spots along the way. From the clock in the center of the park, to the map of Colombia and the Rita sculpture. Take time to explore this beautiful park.

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