• LOCATION 10 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional

    Parque Bicentenario

    You're now entering in the Parque Bicentenario. Continue to the most elevated part of the terrace on your left and stop there for a moment.


    Now turn to face the mountains.


    You're now looking at the Cordillera Oriental. Its one of 3 separate chains that make up the Andes mountain range in Colombia. The Andes spans from the south of the continent all the way up to Colombia.

    The mountain with the white church on the summit is called Monserrate. You can reach the top by walking, cable car or rail car. I highly recommend going up there to see the views of the city and feel the spirituality that has been part of Bogotá for centuries.

    The mountain to the right is Guadalupe. Its the one with the white virgin on top. Its named in honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe. You can reach the summit by car.

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    Now look diagonally to your right.

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    The large cream-colored building is the Biblioteca Nacional, the national library. It was built in the 1930s and has a large collection of books dating from colonial times. It also contains a copy of every book published in Colombia since then.

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    Look to your right.


    The large redbrick building is the MAMBO, the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá. This is Bogota's modern art museum. It houses a large collection of art from the 20th century till today.

    Under you runs the Calle 26. Its an important road that connects the city from east to west. By the way, west is behind you.

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    Now turn your back to the mountains and enjoy the view. If you want, you can sit down and have a break. There is free wifi in this zone, so look for it on your device if you need to get connected. There is also a solar energy station here if you need to charge your mobile device.

    Feel free to relax for a while here.

    When you're ready to move on, continue walking away from the mountains towards the far end of the terrace.

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