• LOCATION 18 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional


    Keep walking.

    Look to your left. Can you see the large grey building on the other side of the street? Thats the Bavaria building.

    Bavaria is the largest beer company in Colombia. The business was founded in April 1889 in this area. A little further ahead of the building, you will see 2 classic red brick constructions on the far side of the street. They housed the original factory where the company began. It was owned by Leo Kopp, a German citizen who emigrated to Colombia in 1886. His workers loved him, because he gave them the land to built the workers neighborhood, called la Perseverancia. This was situated up in the mountains to your right.

    Now those two red brick buildings are fine restaurants where you can dine in the space where beer used to be brewed.

    Continue straight.

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